Mission Statement

To offer a quality, durable, mobile workstation that helps you and your employees work remotely with ease and withstand the test of time. Proudly made in Wisconsin, USA.


“After accepting a job with a setup and delivery company, my business-minded nature took over and really got the best of me.

As I grew frustrated with using their mobile carts, I began to wonder, “how can I make this job easier?” Their carts has various problems from being too top-heavy, not enclosed, having broken or missing parts, and they lacked transportability. So I set out to design a better workstation.

The BK Workstation is uniquely built and designed to be durable, transportable, and easy to use with minimal parts to be replaced if ever required. The original workstation was built for phlebotomy but it has found use in other industries as well, including education, medicine, mechanical, warehouse, or personal use.”

Bruce Kudick – Founder and CEO

BK Workstations was established in 2019 and based out of New Berlin, Wisconsin.